Those Sandwiches…

Those Sandwiches…



I ‘ll start right now!  Why? I’ll stop procrastinating! This is the prime of my new year ‘s resolutions.

It’s January 2016. I love the first month of the year because this means having a second chance . Well, I’ve used quite a few second chances. Doesn’t time fly!😉

Christmas have ended. We’ve had a lovely Christmas. I enjoyed my family and I managed to relax and take it easy. But it doesn’t mean I can’t rest on my laurels …

As  children we didn’t stop playing  with your bothers and sisters, your cousins,  your parents… How wonderful it was! We didn’t stop dancing … “El Dúo Dinámico” and even Paloma San Basilio  songs were always present at Christmas Eve!! Now I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter and nephews to spend a convivial evening. After all,  someone who has been happy as a child wants the same for their children … I recommend supporting  your loved ones  which is worth it.

Mine is a family of foodies. We killed our own turkey for Christmas. With the excuse that this was too much food for dinner, we would gather around the fireplace at noon.


My father would picked up (and still does) his carving knife, sharpened it , and like a surgeon, started cutting fillets of turkey breast. Then he salted them and left them  aside on our aluminum trays. Meanwhile,  my mother fried tomatoes, onions and eggs on the fireplace. We ate country style bread. We put some oil and salt on every slice. Bread was set aside near the fire so as to keep it warm and then we transformed it into snacks; my father put the grilled meat into the baguettes.

This was the ritual:  we spread some oil and rubbed the tomato on the slice of bread, then onion  and over  it we put the fillet of turkey, and finally  a fried egg. Mmmmmhhhh, spectacular !! One, two sandwiches… ?? This feast had no end. We need boa-like mouths to eat those sandwiches. It was amazing … So we finished eating at about 5 pm, and had dinner at 9:30; just after the traditional king’s speech (on Christmas Eve). It was almost impossible to have dinner!! Attention,  I’ve  said almost.

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