So happy to be back again!

Familia Neptuno agosto 2004

So happy to be back again!

Yes, we’re back! And with what emotion … !  How can it be that we have been together so long and I am still excited by the day we re-open Neptuno? It also really happens to me every time we are going to close for the season, but the other way around, I get a kind of nostalgia that still has not healed me … after 15 years!

Neptuno’s family, August 2004

OMG!  How well I still remember it, as if it were yesterday, and it was so exciting …
Neptuno had a family in the morning, that August 4th, 2004, and in the afternoon, we had already adopted him: my dear Irish partner, David, and me (now he is gone :() What a madness, lashing out in the dark! How complicated is the catering business, I tell you, I had no idea, further than eating prawns.

This business is to enjoy it

To everybody… Please notice, not everything that glitters is gold. This is sooooo hard and requires a lot of effort. But, oh yes, if it works, it gives you back everything you’ve given, it cannot be more rewarding something where people come to your house to eat, to enjoy a glass of wine, a good company, an environment, you prepare what they love with all the affection of the world and they leave with that feeling of satisfaction, feeling of pleasure, of having enjoyed it, of being worthwhile to have left us to accompany you …, that is the pride of the catering industry.

Sunrise in Neptuno

Well, as I was saying, one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever lived was when, at the end of the long and “different” day, now without customers, that first day, we sat at the edge of the stairs that lead to the beach, admiring a stunning sunrise, enjoying the miracle that nature gave us and that it was now part of us, it seemed incredible, we still think it is. What else?  That is real happiness …

Well, I just wanted to stop by to wish you all a super happy year that we all have ahead. I hope to see you a lot around (or a little bit, at least) and that here we are to try to make you a little bit happier.

Looking forward to see you

See you soon!


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