Silver Darlings Poker

Silver Darlings Poker

 Barcos de pesca

Then I was 7 or 8 years old. I went to meet my father who would turn up on a fishing ship. It was the first time he enlisted in a boat like that. Aunty Santi and I were patiently waiting for fim on the shore.To our great delight  the boat appeared in the distance. I called him out loud. I  jumped with joy. I waved my hands around to greet him; I moved my  arms, my  whole body. I did it long before he could see me, because he still was far away. When she finally arrived, I rushed to hug him. Due to excitement, I trod all the sardines a fisherman beside him was using. The thing is that I hadn’t even seen that  good man.

Speaking of sardines, who hasn’t taken grilled sardines on the beach? In a bonfire very close to the sea.

Espetos de sardina en Neptuno

Espetos de sardina en Neptuno

Make a bonfire  and then separate the embers. Around these  embers form heaps of wet sand. Skewer the sardines:  7 sardines in each set on average. Drive the cane skewered sardines into these  heaps . Turn the canes – to  roast sardines on both sides- without removing them from the sand.

These must be medium-sized sardines: not small, not big.

Dig the skewer/ pokers into the sand 25 cm. above  the coals and in favor of the prevailing wind: so as not to smoke the fish. The canes are concave, and the part that is hollow, is the part that should be put first towards the fire.

As I’ve just said  you should  start  by the concave side of the cane, so that once this side is cooked and tender turn  the cane carefully and put the other side to roast.

We avoid  sadines  fall into the sand because they are held by the spine ; and allow fats remain inside the fish and not slip inside the convex side of the cane when we roast the other side.

They’re served with bread and lemon. They marry very well with  tinto de verano (=red wine with soda or lemon soda) or with a “clarita”(= beer with soda or lemon soda).


Since they deteriorate easily, sardines shouldn’t be kept over two days. It’is better to buy them at the very  last moment: before returning home. If you are eating sardines  that day or the next day, they will be kept in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

It is a laborious process; so no one could claim they were cheated . It’s an ancient Mediterranean ritual . What a feast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And without pushing the boat out.

Bye from now

Francisca Andreu

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