Our Salt Cod Dishes: the Best to be Found

Our Salt Cod Dishes: the Best to be Found

Are there gastronomy- related  key moments  in Spain? Yes,  quite a lot ! but there’s nothing like Easter. I think  it happens the same when having one’s  fridge half empty: your imagination conjures yummy dishes up with almost nothing. Here nobody goes hungry at Easter. As meat is forbidden  wonderful ideas begin to emerge: to bring joy to fish … and to any other foodstuff. Man cannot live by meat alone 😉

Potaje de Vigilia

The traditional Lent Stew

How I love cod! We recommend a wide variety of  traditional Lent dishes:

  • cod casserole with poached eggs and potatoes;
  • lent stew with salt cod;
  • salt cod fritters;
  • Ham and paprika garlic soup topped with a poached egg;
  • Lent longaniza (spicy pork sausage) eaten with bread and oil …, mmmhh!


Buñuelos de bacalao

Salt cod fritters

There’s nothing easier than making cod fritters. We just need:

Desalted cod, eggs, flour, milk, baking powder, garlic, parsley, oil and salt.

In a bowl put the egg yolks and milk. Beat them and then add the flour and baking powder. Add the cod diced, the garlic and parsley chopped, and a pinch of salt. Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks with a pinch of salt. Incorporate them  smoothly to the mixture. Let stand a few hours in the fridge.  Heat  the oil: a  lot of oil . Deep-fry  tablespoons of  the mixture in batches, until lightly browned and heated through. Drain on paper towels.  Serve with a sprig of parsley as decoration. Do not put lettuce, they will lose their crispness because of its water! And with some aioli ….it’ll be finger licking good! 😉

We have all these great desserts we love. The real repentance will come later, after Easter. The summer slim down diet hurts! But how to resist to a wine French toast! Impossible for the time being. So try them out  at Neptuno restaurant!


Torrijas de vino

Wine French toast

And then honey-coated pastry, sweet flowers, fried milk … Come on, penitents!;)


Honey-coated pastry


Flores dulces

Sweet flowers


Leche frita

Fried milk

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Neptuno restaurant.

Best regards.

Francisca Andreu


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